our ethos

accentu8 is about ‘making life better by design.’

Welcome to accentu8, born out of our desire to create rise and recline furniture that satisfies three principles; to evoke a sense of modern life, encourage a greater independent life and by the nature of our design ethos, enhance life.

accentu8 is a specialist UK manufacturer of rise and recline chairs and soft seating for the healthcare and lifestyle markets. We have a wealth of expertise, knowledge and experience in the rise and recline market. This is underpinned by Wilcare, our parent company’s heritage in manufacturing and many years of working closely with healthcare professionals across the UK and Ireland.

making life better by design

‘Making life better by design’ is the ethos that embraces our dynamic design-led culture which is at the very heart of accentu8. We continually invest in research, design, development, product testing and innovation because it matters, and because we believe we can make a positive difference by design.

We give careful thought and consideration towards style, function, comfort, well-being, ease of use, quality, service ability and an all-encompassing user experience. Through research we ensure a greater understanding of today’s demanding requirements for more comprehensive and adaptable assisted seating solutions for independent living.

accentu8 rise and recline chairs are designed for life…a better life, a fuller life

motion furniture redefined

Change is a good thing. That’s why we have challenged the perception of the traditional rise and recline chair by creating fresh ideas with more effective and efficient rise and recline chairs that literally move with accentu8 into twenty first century healthcare and independent living.

Our development technicians work closely with the experts and engineers of rise and recline and motion furniture mechanisms, motors and technology, constantly looking to improve products and explore new ideas with innovative thinking.

Our latest design that pushes the boundaries in motion furniture is the revolutionary ‘arc’. It’s one of the world’s first to combine the all important ‘rise’ function with lockable option together with a recline and swivel action. It’s our 360° perspective on furniture for the future. It’s what we call ‘motion furniture…redefined.’