Quite simply revolutionary – one of the world’s first combined swivel rise and recline chairs

arc is quite simply revolutionary; one of the world’s first combined swivel action rise and recline chairs, designed for a unique 360° experience – relax 360°. In keeping with its innovative contemporary image arc considers today’s modern high-tech lifestyle. The design features a USB charger for personal mobile technology keeping you connected, keeping you in touch.

arc is undeniably…maximum movement for optimum comfort, our ultimate expression of comfort made infinite.

In a major breakthrough for the UK motion furniture sector, accentu8 has launched iMove, the new wireless remote control handset, for our rise and recline chairs. Available as a two control icon for our single motor chair and a six control icon for our two motor chair.

The stylish, brushed aluminium-cased iMove features a high quality glass screen with an integral magnet which enables the handset to be located on the armrest with no clips or hooks required, ideal for users with limited movement.

360° swivel action with auto-lock

extended horizontal recline to ‘Trendelenburg’ position

swivel, rise, recline, footrest operate independently

easy grip arms to assist getting in up, and out of chair

soft-support stability comfort

removable and refreshable back cushion pad

removable duvet seat pad for cleaning or updating

rise and recliner functions

our unique ‘swift-fit’ easy chair assembly and disassembly

clean-lined zipped back cover with easy access to motor

USB port in brushed chrome finish

attractive brushed chrome swivel base

battery pack with cable free power

easy external access battery charging point

integrated pressure relief seat pad options

accessories lumbar cushions, 10 day battery backup

available as power swivel rise-recline or manual swivel and recline only

user weights – up to 19 stone