Lotus static range arrives at Welsh Care Homes

Silvercrest Care Home Group has revolutionised the look of their four Welsh homes with modern chairs created by our Creative Director Angela Gidden MBE.

We were approached by SilverCrest Care to create a range of static chairs for each of their homes, designed to complement their colourful brand and to give a modern, fashion-forward feel to their homes, allowing both residents and their families to use them.

Bikram Choudhary, director of SilverCrest Care Group said “Just because our residents are older or have different needs doesn’t mean they don’t care about style. We want our homes to be welcoming and inviting places for both residents and their friends and families.”

“What we love about accentu8 is that their ranges of both rise and recline chairs and static furniture embraces independent living and modern healthcare designs expressed through colour, texture and functionality.

“We wanted to establish something really unique which set our care homes apart from others and we believe the accentu8 represents our ethos and brand.

“Each of our homes have their logos in their own unique colour to give them their own identity to represent their home so accentu8’s fresh vibrant colours and the quality of design was the perfect fit for the Silvercrest Group.”

accentu8 supplied the care home group with the latest range from their static lotus lounge collection of chairs to be placed in their recreational areas.

Angela Gidden said: “Silvercrest care homes were keen for us to produce high back armchairs and sofas for four of their properties using healthcare fabrics. Each home is represented by a different colour so it was important to keep to the colour scheme.

“We decided the Halcyon collection, from fabric manufacturers Camira, was the perfect fit for the finish and quality SilverCrest wanted in addition the retro motif reflects the Silvercrest brand.

“The lotus furniture were styled in slim-line and compact form, with a classic 1960s modernist and Scandinavian feel and integrates the healthcare and hospitality applications with a range of fabrics and colours.”

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