one of the world’s first

accentu8 has launched one of the world’s first rise, recline and swivel chair. The arc is a revolutionary, design-led chair created by Angela Gidden MBE. It is designed to give a unique 360° experience to users and the swivel, rise and recline and footrest features all operate independently.

As well as ensuring it offers maximum movement with both swivel and rise and recline features, Angela has given the chair a contemporary design and a modern colour palette for healthcare providers and users to choose from, including blue, mustard and purple hues.

Anthony Kiff, Managing Director of accentu8, said: “The arc signals a new generation of chair for the healthcare sector. It is modern and attractive but offers superior functional and comfort features. There is a real market for design-led furniture. Care homes and other healthcare providers, as well as the users themselves, are crying out for contemporary designs that lift the look of a room as an alternative to more traditional chairs.”

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