new design led furniture launched

accentu8, the British manufacturer of motion furniture has unveiled six new rise and recline chairs designed to introduce new contemporary designs to the healthcare market.

The new models are the work of furniture designer, Angela Gidden MBE, who joined parent company, the Wilcare Group, in 2013 as Consultant Creative Director, with the aim of introducing a design-led ethos to the company and its marketplace.

The result is a new stand-alone brand in accentu8 and the simultaneous launch of six new models offered in a choice of powered or manual operation; ‘arc’, ‘cloud9’, ‘haven’, ‘horizons’, ‘lotus’ and ‘mode’.

Anthony Kiff, Managing Director said: “Angela has not only revolutionised our product range, she has introduced design-led thinking and practice throughout our company introducing new concepts to what we believe is a very traditional marketplace in design-terms.”

Angela Gidden said: “This marks the start of a number of highly focused and considered design programmes, which will see further phased launches including developments of new innovative motion mechanisms, static sofa and chair collections and complimentary furniture accessories within the accentu8 portfolio.

In many respects we are only just scratching the surface in this phase one. accentu8 is a design-led brand and business and I’m delighted that the team have not just adopted my project ethos ‘Making life better by design’ but adapted it to their everyday thinking and doing.

It’s certainly sparking a new culture, a new way as well as a new direction within the company and that in itself is extremely refreshing.”

accentu8 also emphasises the ‘crafted with care’ aspect of its products, led by efficient and effective engineering in production, high attention to detail and quality of product, from the inside to the outside.

All models are designed with ease of assembly and disassembly in mind without compromise to aesthetics with each model having an attractive 360° aspect.

As well as design, one of the major features of accentu8 is its simplification of the specification process.

According to accentu8 there is no longer a need to compromise with different chair styles and functions as most models are available with a full range of functions and mechanisms. These include rise and recline, recline only, rise only and tilt-in-space and bariatric.

accentu8 offers a diverse range of fabrics from the brands collection ‘cover & colour’ – Healthcare; Lifestyle 1 and Lifestyle 2.

Angela Gidden added: “We have given great consideration to the fabric proposition sourcing and selecting technical and performance fabrics specific to healthcare applications. We have also introduced a curated collection of inspiring lifestyle fabrics for that modern living design dimension.”

Established in 2001, the group produces a wide range of powered rise & recline chairs for hospitals, care homes, mobility dealerships, charities and community equipment suppliers, from its Cowbridge factory.

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